Bob Macy
Vocals, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica

Bob Macy

Bob Macy, born in Chicago and raised in the Western suburb of Cicero has always wanted to be in a band, ever since he heard and saw the Beatles perform on the Ed Sullivan Show. Playing guitar and singing in school choirs, he's always wanted to be a part of a band that played with a great deal of passion and had fun at the same time. After being part of numerous Chicago based bands he decided to start something of his own with Tumbleweed. He searched for and found the right players and they've been unstoppable since.

He looks forward to a full time recording and performing career in music and is presently writing original material with the rest of the band. His dream is to have his music heard on a wide scale and for his music to be understood and enjoyed by many. Some of his favorite music lately comes from the likes of Son Volt, Wilco, Cracker, and The Dandy Worhols.

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